‘Regurgitator’ wows crowd with unique ability

Matt Resnick

Stevie Starr, also known as “The Regurgitator,” entertained Washburn students and faculty last Monday night inside Washburn’s Memorial Union with antics one had to see to believe. He opened the show by wowing the crowd of 75-80, after swallowing a light bulb whole and then returning it without any damage. After the light bulb act, Starr quipped “How do you explain what you do for a living? I’m a smuggler.”

“I was really happy with the performance,” said senior Mike Ditch Jr., Washburn’s Campus Activity Board president. “The crowd wasn’t as great as we would have liked, but with the porn debate last week as well as the bowling event, we figured we wouldn’t have a huge crowd.”

Starr has made appearances on “the David Letterman Show,” “the Tonight Show with Jay Leno,” and “The Howard Stern Show.” Starr is also popular on YouTube. Starr last shocked and appalled Washburn students and faculty two years ago with his antics that also consisted of profanity-laced jokes throughout, when Ditch Jr. said 250 people showed.

Starr’s stage show also included ingesting numerous dollar-sized coins, drinking liquid soap (and blowing out bubbles), swallowing a billiard ball and rings from unwitting volunteers in the audience. The women who volunteered their rings all gathered on stage. One by one, Starr spit the rings out and returned them.

Starr also indicated that the last woman left on stage would have to drink the two goldfish that were in a jar on the stage and then go around and let audience members feel her stomach as they swam around. The petrified woman declined Starr’s offer and returned to her seat.

Later in the show, Starr swallowed sugar, then water, returning the sugar dry. Much to the audiences delight, Starr consumed a large amount of butane lighter fluid and then had a volunteer hold a lighter near his mouth. Starr blew out fire as the audience gazed on in disbelief. Starr ended the show by swallowing the goldfish, yes those same ones that struck fear into the heart of the earlier volunteer. Starr returned the goldfish safely to their bowl and wrapped the show.

“We would like to try and bring him back, we were lucky to get him this time,” said Ditch Jr. “He usually tries to make it up to the university once a year, at the end of the year I will leave a note for my replacement – that Starr is somebody they should look into bringing back. We had 45 reviews returned, and all 45 said the show was great.”

Starr hails from Glasgow, Scotland, can be found on his Web site at www.steviestarr.com.