How do you spell ‘homecoming’ in Greek

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Since when did Homecoming become a Greek event? When did all the focus shift from school spirit to which Greek house will dominate the others? The editorial board would like to offer the Greek community with a bit of advice prior to Homecoming Week – take some time to evaluate what the week is really all about. It’s not about the war between the houses, it’s about being proud that one is an Ichabod, no matter how many times one has to explain what that is.

According to Washburn’s Web site, “Homecoming is a time to celebrate Washburn spirit and traditions. … The week is packed with events to stir up Ichabod pride.” However, that does not seem to be what the Greeks are doing. They are simply battling for a, albeit large, trophy and the superfluous title of “Homecoming Champions.”

Although we do feel that Greeks may take Homecoming a little too seriously, causing them to lose sight of its true purpose, they don’t deserve all the blame. Other student organizations need to step up their game and become more involved. If more organizations participated in Homecoming activities, then it wouldn’t seem so Greek-centered. This would be better for the Greeks as well, who in the middle of the semester go through hours of practice, aches and pains and lost sleep in the name of winning during Homecoming Week. While we appreciate what the Greeks do for the Homecoming festivities, they should also help cultivate school-wide spirit.

With Homecoming quickly approaching, let’s have fun and support Washburn, of which we are all a part and help sustain everyday.