WSGA looking to seal victory in can drive against Emporia

Kyle Almond

Last fall, Emporia State University’s student body president challenged Washburn University to a can drive in an attempt to bolster the rivalry between the two schools and, at the same, time do something productive for both communities.

Unfortunately, the Hornets won last year’s drive, while approximately 21,000 cans were collected. Now the time has come for a rematch, and this time the Washburn Student Government Association and the Campus Activities Board have big plans to help settle the score.

The can drive will formally kick off on Family Day Sept. 15. However, students are welcome to start bringing cans to the WSGA office in the lower level of Memorial Union now.

“Bring all of your cans,” said Vince Bowhay, president of WSGA. “Soup cans, tuna cans, even cans of wasp and hornet spray.”

Some of the ways planned to boost this year’s can count include prizes, such as T-shirts and Chipotle gift certificates for people who donate a certain number of cans, an admission cost of one can or $1 to CAB events, and the “Pie your RA” coin jars. The jars are located in the lobby of the Living Learning Center, and for every five dollars in each Resident Assistant or Community Advisor’s jar, they get hit in the face with a pie. The proceeds go toward purchasing cans. Juvenile, maybe, but it’s for a good cause.

Perhaps the No. 1 tool WSGA plans to use this year is the city of Topeka. A post-game analysis of last year’s can drive revealed that community aid played a large role in tipping the contest in Emporia’s favor, so this year WSGA plans to make the most out of this powerful resource. Churches, grocery stores, schools, local companies and civic organizations have been asked to donate in the name of civic pride and to help the community.

From the department of trash talk, a vital part of any interscholastic competition, Bowhay says that “children need an Emporia education like they need Mark Foley.”

Students have until the Emporia football game Oct. 13 to bring in as many cans as possible. And remember, this time it’s personal.