Business school to present research

Jill Martin

The Washburn University School of Business will start its fall research seminar series with the presentation of “The Role of Personality in Employee Development Network” by Liviu Florea Tuesday, Oct. 2, in Room 208 of the Henderson Learning Resources Center.

The seminars are given by the School of Business faculty. They cover all areas of business, including economics, finance, accounting, marketing and management. Most are streams of projects that are in the early to middle stages of completion.

The main purpose for these seminars is for members of the faculty to present their research to the community and receive feedback. After a seminar is presented, the authors of the research usually start to revise so they can send it to a business journal to be published.

Florea, the head of the seminars this year, said all members of the community are encouraged to attend the seminars.

“We are trying to get as many people together,” said Florea. “People from different backgrounds have different opinions and things to bring to the seminars. There is always a great synergy of people.”

The seminars are held every fall and spring. This fall seven seminars will take place every Tuesday from 12:30 to 1 p.m. Tuesday, with the last one ending Nov.13. The research that is being presented usually reflects the interests of the faculty; after all, it is their research.

“I like the seminars because you are receiving feedback from your colleagues,” said Florea. “It is better than receiving a flat yes or no from a journal. With your colleagues at least they tell you what you need to improve.”

Also involved with the seminar is Russell Smith, associate dean for the School of Business. He believes the presentations are crucial to progress here at Washburn.

“This research is an integral part of the faculty and school life,” said Smith. “The students can see what is going on within the department. Also it is good training for the speakers. Sometimes you have to answer questions you weren’t expecting which is definitely real world.”