WU’s Most Fit returns for third year

corey garriott

The fittest of Washburn will descend upon the Student Recreation and Wellness Center in greater numbers than usual.

WU’s Most Fit is set to kick off its third year 2-8 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday.

“WU’s Most Fit is basically a program that assesses a person’s physical fitness,” said Becky Wilber, SRWC assistant director.

Participants will compete for prizes in different categories while being tested in five core areas that take about 30 minutes total to complete: bench press, treadmill, bike, abdominal strength and flexibility.

Last year’s winner in the 18-22 female division, Danyel McGaughey, said she wasn’t planning on doing it at first but then changed her mind.

“I was like ‘I’ll just push myself and see how good I can do,'” said McGaughey, who plans to compete again this year, but in the 23-32 division. “I didn’t really think I’d win it.”

After its inception in 2005, Wilber said 2006 saw an increase in participation. She attributed it to first-year people having the idea it would be hard and not worth doing.

“Once they did it, they realized it wasn’t that difficult,” said Wilber.

Wilber expects an increase in participation this year, too.

“It’s fun,” said Wilber. “It’s tailored to the more-fit individual, but anybody can participate in it.”

SRWC director Joel Bluml also competed in it last year, taking first in the 23-32 male division. He, too, plans on competing again.

The overall winners in each divisional age group will receive an SRWC navy pullover with an embroidered sleeve that says “WU’s Most Fit.” In addition, winners of the individual tests will receive a prize as well.

Participants can just walk into the SRWC during the program’s hours and compete with no prior registration required.