‘Puedo Hablar’ offers Venezuelan insight

Kendra Ward

“Puedo Hablar?” (May I speak?) is a documentary film about the 2006 Venezuelan presidential elections. Christopher Moore, the writer and producer, screened the film in the Henderson Learning Resources Center Monday. Several university departments, including the history department and the International Programs, sponsored the screening.

The film showed both sides of the important election, portraying the dysfunction in Venezuela and the lack of a dominant culture. Politics is very important to Venezuelans, to the point that many have been hurt in political rallies.

“‘Puedo Hablar?’ was a very good film,” said history associate professor Kim Morse, who set up the screening. “It had intent to portray. Many films try to show Venezuela in a cut-and-dry way and it’s definitely not.”

Sophomore Kyle Kaller said that the film brought out some things that he was learning in class and made things relate to now.

“The country is building itself right now and looking at how to continue to build themselves,” said Moore.