Music from stadium sending wrong message

Review's View

The Washburn Review editorial board is appalled at a recent discovery one of its editors made.While walking to class, this editor heard uncensored music blaring from the speakers of Yager Stadium. Curious, the editor walked to the stadium to find the Ichabod football team practicing.

Who allows the football team to play this uncensored music, and why would they think it was OK to do this? At this time of year Washburn has several people visiting campus, including high school seniors who may be potential Washburn students and their parents. What kind of impression will these visitors get when they hear some kind of profanity or some other derogatory speech blaring across campus? Students need to know that this institution is a fun place to be, but they also need to know that they will be potentially attending a place that values their scholarship. As well, most parents dread the thought of sending their wide-eyed 18-year-old to a party school.

It is understandable that sports teams get pumped up from listening to music, particularly during the long football practices. It can get dull if the only thing one hears is the yelling of the coaches and the shrill blast of the whistle. But why does it have to be profane?

The football team has standards in regard to grades and other behavioral standards to uphold. Their reputation could be questioned by the questionable music being played.

What may be even worse to think about are those who are allowing the football team to play this type of music. Are the coaches just not paying attention to the vulgar language coming out of the speakers, or do they just not care?

It is actions like these that tarnish Washburn’s name. We aren’t trying to say anything against a particular type of music. If the players want to listen to it on their own time, then that is fine. However, by playing it over the stadium speakers, the team is forcing all of Washburn to listen to it as well.