Jon McLaughlin creates lovely melodies with new album ‘Indiana’

Jon McLaughlin

Paige Lockard

Every person needs a token CD. This token CD should not only be the listener’s escape to a better place, but should provide an anthem to which to wake up, a soundtrack to which to relate, and an easy listening environment to which to study. Jon McLaughlin does this with his album “Indiana.”

With 13 general pop songs appropriate for all ages, this album is encouraging and opens a window to McLaughlin’s heart through powerful lyrics such as those in “Beautiful Disaster.” This song is aimed at teenage girls and discusses the numerous insecurities that most adolescent girls carry with them. It then explains that every girl is who she is, and that’s who she’s supposed to be.

Other songs from “Indiana,” such as “Just Give It Time” and “Anthem For American Teenagers” capture the attention of younger audiences and provide a positive outlook on life. He also includes songs exclusively for his wife on the album and songs that reveal his inner beauty and desire to love others. McLaughlin is a Christian but wants his music to appeal to a diverse audience of all beliefs and stages of life.

McLaughlin’s mad piano skills, breathtaking vocal talents and inspirational lyrics make “Indiana” a must-have album.