Did you know…WU has Alpha Lambda Delta chapter

Angel Romero

This week marks the beginning of the national month of service for the Alpha Lambda Delta honor society. So what is ALD? Organized in 1924, ALD is an honor society for first-year students with a GPA more than 3.5. Students are initiated into the honor society during their second semester of their first year in college. They remain active members until the end of the first semester of their sophomore year.

ALD originally started as an all-female honor society, while male freshmen were initiated into the Phi Eta Sigma honor society. The two honor societies operated independently until the 1970s when Title IX caused the organizations to merge together into Alpha Lambda Delta.

Since then the organization has continued to grow and has initiated more than 700,000 students in 250 chapters at colleges and universities across the United States.

Last year, through the efforts of Denise Ottinger, Donna LaLonde and WU graduate Paige Pfannenstiel, Alpha Lambda Delta came to the campus of Washburn University.

Sept. 14, the Top Hat Chapter of Alpha Lambda Delta was officially installed. Fifty-seven students were initiated, along with three honorary members.

Alpha Lambda Delta members are eligible for numerous scholarships. Chapters are also eligible for an award from the national headquarters, known as the “Order of the Torch,” which is awarded to outstanding chapters of Alpha Lambda Delta across the United States. Once a chapter has been awarded the “Order of the Torch,” they are ineligible to receive it for four years. However, chapters can win a “Maintaining the Flame” award if they continue to excel in programming, activities and service.

Since their installation and initiation Alpha Lambda Delta members have been working hard to improve their chapter and to prepare for the upcoming transition to a new class of freshmen. Just recently ALD president David Reed and vice president Angel Romero attended the National ALD Workshop in Louisville, Ky., where they gained valuable knowledge to bring back to Washburn’s chapter. This month look for ALD members to be serving students on campus and freshmen, remember to study hard for your finals and get those good grades! If you do, look for your invitation to join Alpha Lambda Delta at the beginning of next semester!

Angel RomeroWashburn student