Don’t kick ‘Bucket List’

Paige Lockard

Bring a friend and some tissues to this one. “The Bucket List” captures this world’s beauty, the laughter between two people and the meaning of true life. Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman prove to be the perfect acting duo.

Though completely different people from different backgrounds, Edward Cole, played by Nicholson, and Carter Chambers, played by Freeman, learn valuable life lessons from one another.

Edward owns a major hospital in California and has all the money anyone could ask for but has yet to find joy in his life. Carter has a wife and a loving family, but feels like he hasn’t yet lived; after all, where’s the fun in being a mechanic?

When both of these men find themselves in poor health conditions and rooming together in Edward’s hospital, they slowly become friends as their lives start to fade away.

Carter has all the support he could ask for. Edward has Carter. When Edward finds a wadded piece of paper on the floor with Carter’s “Bucket List” of things he wants to complete before he dies, the journey begins.

Without the support of Carter’s wife and family, Edward and Carter decide to take off from the hospital with Edward’s money, an improved list and a flicker in their eyes.

Through experiencing China, Egypt, skydiving, a safari drive, and many other magnificent events, Edward and Carter grow to live like they never thought they could in their last three months.

Before I ruin the ending, I’ll simply say that Edward and Carter end their last days knowing exactly what really matters in life. The tissues come in handy around this point in the movie.

Trust me, “The Bucket List” is a movie you need to see. It’s well worth the money as emotions ride a roller coaster of laughter and tears. I’m making my own bucket list, but as this movie explains, it’s not only about living big and spontaneously.

Where’s the joy in your life?