Drink up and be frugal

How to keep your money safe Don’t wave around large bundles of cash or your wallet will be empty.

Josh Spence

For this edition of the Argo, we wanted to be ahead of the game. We thought it was important to have a spring break issue with ideas for cheap alternative spring break options. Of course, with spring break coming up soon, this was the best time for it.

Once again, the first half of the Argo is related to the cover topic. The double page spread on pages six and seven is about finding the cheapest ways to travel, and we have all sorts of interesting vacation ideas in the pages before that.

The Night on the Town column this week is also related to spring break, and it focuses on the problems of getting “wild” on spring break. Remember, cameras are everywhere these days!

After the double page spread we go back to the traditional A&E format, with movie reviews, news, pictures of some of the art being displayed at Mulvane and previews of a few movies that are currently being produced.

We’d like to get the student body more involved in the Argo, so if you have any ideas for improvement or if you’d like to submit your own work please let us know. We are always open to new things.

In conclusion, I think we’re all very ready for spring break to get here. Aside from the blustery weather, the blanket of sickness that has spread across campus and the buttload of homework we’re expected to do, I think we all just need a break. After this week, I know I certainly do.