Inside a weekly WSGA meeting

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Yue Li

On Aug. 28, the Washburn Student Government Association (WSGA) had a weekly meeting in the Kansas Room of the Memorial Union. In the meeting, they first had executive staff reports.

Campus and Community Affairs director Kayli Goodheart said, “I’m starting on contacting organizations for the homecoming parade.”

Paul Mismaque is seeking the potential partnership with the Washburn Review and Washburn Police Department.

“Basically, my first week back to school consisted on updating social media and making sure we have a presence during welcome week, talking with the Washburn Review to see about potential partnership in the future, as well as Washburn Police Department. And also worked on promoting elections, making sure we have everything set up for that and the students know what’s going on on our campus,” Mismaque said.

The budget director made some brand-new forms for the committee funding and also talked about some funding policies.

Chief of Staff Caleb Soliday encouraged members and senators to get new and returning students to join WSGA.

“Right now we have 19 spots to fill. That’s including all freshmen, transfer students and international students,” Soliday said. 

Vice President Matthew Christman talked about the planners and homecoming event.

“There’s really three committees in homecoming that I need to fill right now. That is Bods on the Avenue, Canstruction and Scorch on the Porch,” said Christman. “Also with planners, something that we don’t have right now, but we will soon, is we’re going to be printing off little cards that have some university dates on them. The planners that we got are different from the ones that we originally ordered due to some production issues. So they’re not going to be the Washburn planners that we have done in the past. So to make sure students are getting the information that would have gone to the other planners, we’re going to be putting that card out, as well as hopefully beginning stickers so that students have the ability to sticker upon their planners. That way we can have a Washburn vibe with them a little bit.”

Then, Budget Director Victoria Smith led discussions about the new funding policy, including the deadline for student groups to submit funding requests, the time-length of finishing transfers and getting receipts, as well as student development and issue grants.

After that, they moved on to public forum, talking about the leadership program and additional funds. During the summer, the Collegiate Readership Program was no longer providing the three types of newspapers on Washburn campus.

“We got a call from distributor that basically said we no longer can do that. Now, we had it in our budget for $5,000. For this year, what we need to do is to figure out what we’re going to do with that $5,000,” Soliday said.

Senators suggested to use the money to allocate back to some of the funds that they previously cut from, invest in NCORE (National Conference on Race and Ethnicity) and get a new system for voting, etc., but no decisions have made yet.

Edited by Jason Morrison, Shelby Hanson, Jessica Galvin