WSGA president writes about org funding

Vincent Bowhay

Washburn Student Organizations,

When Lacey Keller agreed to run with me as Vice President over a year ago we both shared one common goal, giving back to the students of Washburn University through our programming and our allocation of funds. Within our term as President and Vice President we have seen the Free Printing in Mabee Library grow from a student and WSGA led initiative to a university provided program. We have witnessed hundreds of you attend our lectures in the expanding lecture series that WSGA, CAB and the Vice President of Academic Affairs have all worked hard to develop. And most importantly we increased the funding of student organizations by $15,000, allowing student organizations to take $500 more for both their on campus and off campus spending in comparison to previous administrations. Our administration dedicated a record $110,000 of its operating budget to help organizations accomplish their goals.

The student organizations shared our desire to use student funds to support students. Last year during the entire administration only 70 organizations were funded within the entire year. During our term 84 of the 107 Washburn organizations have been up and it is only February. Unfortunately, this also means that WSGA is now unable to allocate any more funds this fiscal year to student organizations. WSGA is still here to help you promote and plan events, represent all student concerns, lobby the administration on your behalf, and further the campus in anyway possible.

WSGA will be hosting a town hall on Thursday, March 6th at Ichabods next to the Corner Store at 6pm to hear any concerns and to answer any questions student organizations may have. Thank you for the chance to be your President this year. It has been an honor to serve you.

Vincent Bowhay

WSGA President