Bergmann replaces Ditch, brings in big plans for CAB

Josh Nicolay

As another school year draws to a close, the Campus Activities Board, or CAB, begins to plan for the 2008-2009 year. Soon-to-be executive director Billie Jean Bergmann and staff will make their transition to office April 30, but will assume direction of CAB May 2. Replacing current CAB director Mike Ditch Jr., Bergmann’s goal is not only to organize student events but to work with extracurricular organizations and activities.

“CAB will continue to help student organizations and the campus as a whole, reaching out to organizations and co-sponsoring events,” said Bergmann. “We are looking to work with admissions to provide entertainment to current and potential students at WU.”

Bergmann’s goal this year is to concentrate efforts to have bigger events and more popular acts. She hopes that increasing the quality of key events and cutting back on smaller ones, in addition to having media coverage from WIBW, will pique student interest. While guest speakers have always been a mainstay of CAB’s campus activities, the 2008 presidential election gives CAB a unique theme for planning certain events.

“One of our first events will probably be Rock the Vote with two cast members of ‘The Real World,'” said Bergmann. “We’re also looking into having a financial advisor come and speak about credit ratings and reports.”

Aside from hosting outside events for students during the school year, CAB plans on working with the Washburn Endowment Association to acquaint students with giving back to the university after graduation. Most students don’t find information about the Endowment Association until their senior year, so CAB hopes to familiarize everyone with the Endowment Association’s purpose and interests.

“We want to reach out to students and organizations,” said Bergmann. “We hope to make campus life as enjoyable as possible.”