Creativity flows on campus

Josh Rouse

For the final Argo of the semester, I wanted to focus on the classy folks here at Washburn. Sure, there’s a lot of great entertainment out there in the world, but I believe that some of the finest is right in front of our noses.

White Concert Hall, for instance, hosts some of the finest musicians in the state of Kansas. Between the high school bands that compete on campus year-around, the onslaught of ensembles that Washburn has to offer and the professional musicians who perform on the famed stage, the Hall presents entertainment options basically on any given day.

Mulvane Art Museum, which is almost always adding a new exhibit to its repertoire, is the perfect location for art mongerers to get their fix. The campus itself is strewn with art, which shows how highly appreciated the program is. The Mulvane is a fine place to stroll through on a rainy day, or a sunny day for that matter.

For those who prefer to see a little drama, spending $8 to buy a movie ticket seems silly when your Washburn ID will get you into most theatrical productions on campus for free. The Andrew J. and Georgia Neese Gray Theatre hosts many of these excellent productions and provides a chance to see some great actors and techies begin their careers. “Boy Gets Girl,” which plays throughout this weekend, is just one of the many productions that are put on during the year.

Other events that add a sparkle of interest to the campus include Scorch on the Porch, Writers’ Circles, Free Movie Nights and an array of discussions with anyone from Ron Jeremy to actual scholars. Free Bowling Nights at Gage Center also highlight a campus calendar that is hard to beat.

So before you decide to spend a bundle of moolah at the cinema or spend another night home alone trash-talking a 12-year-old kid on Halo 3, consider some of the activities the campus has to offer. Creativity flows from our students like a fine wine, so drink it up now while you have the chance!