2019 iRead book released this week

Buy the book: Senior business major, Yossif Albukari (left) and freshman kinesiology major Jules Pondanera (right), employees of the Ichabod shop, proudly present the 200 page biography assigned as this years iRead book, from behind the counter at the Ichabod shop. This years 2019 iRead book was released Tuesday, Aug. 13.

DeyJa Cardenas and Abbie Barth

The iRead book for the 2019 first year experience course was announced on Tuesday, Aug. 13. The book chosen is “Eisenhower: Becoming the Leader of the Free World” by Louis Galambos. 

The iRead book is a mandatory reading for every student enrolled the Washburn Experience course also known as WU101. The students then must attend the iRead lecture where the author of the book comes to campus to discuss the book. Freshman also must write an essay during the semester that incorporates what they have learned from the book.

Lecturer for student success, Jordan Noller explained that iRead books are usually chosen in relevance to how it helps students learn how to conduct research and write research papers.

“We always want to pick a book that will be the most helpful for what we are talking about in the class,” said Noller. “This book has a lot of research, which helps talk about research in class.”

It seems to be a recent trend that the iRead books have a connection to Kansas. Noller explained that the iRead book chosen this year is focused on our only president that was born in the state of Kansas, therefore the book reflects on a Kansas native who essentially lead the United States upholding Kansas historic beliefs.

“That book [‘The Worst Hard Time’ by Timothy Egan] focused on the land of Kansas and told the stories of the lives affected by it, this book focuses more on how the only Kansas president impacted the nation,” said Noller.

Because the book was just announced this week, many freshmen are not aware of what the iRead book is or what book was chosen. Jadyn Nachtman, a freshman majoring in clinical laboratory sciences, who has yet to purchase her iRead book, expressed her utmost appreciation to the former president.

“I’m interested to read it. Eisenhower was a good president,” said Nachtman.

The iRead lecture will be at 7 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 17 at White Concert Hall.

Edited by Adam White, Joelle Conway