Web site displays Kansas gas prices

Josh Rouse

With the economy in a full-on nosedive, it’s easy to see how everyday items have become luxuries. Perhaps the underlying contributor to the downfall is right around the corner.

Gas prices are nearing the $4 mark in Kansas yet again, driving many to speculation of walking, riding the bus or investing in a moped. According to kansasgasprices.com, a Web site that delivers gas rates from around the state via member contribution, the apex of avarice appears to be Independence’s Miller Bros, Yates Center’s and Independence’s Casey’s, and Topeka’s Valero gas stations, all of which charge a state-high $3.79 per gallon for regular. Thriftier folks may instead head to Russell, where the Casey’s charges a state-low $3.49 per gallon. All prices were as of May 11.

The website shows prices for all grades of gas, from unleaded regular to diesel. Nifty charts show the patterns of averages around the state. For wishful thinkers, the charts even go back six years to when prices dropped as low as $1.22 per gallon.

Topeka’s Lowest and Highest Gas Prices

$3.57 Topeka Blvd. Larry’s Shortstop at SW 38th St. Kwik Shop at SW 45th. St. Larry’s near SW 38th St. MacVicar Kwik Shop at SW 10th St.

$3.79 Gage Blvd. Valero at 1161 SW Gage

Prices gathered from www.kansasgasprices.com