Student Publications office vandalized

Newspapers in Stoffer Science Hall were found Tuesday morning to be ripped in half and left in their bins.

Travis Perry

The door to the Student Publications office was vandalized either Monday evening or Tuesday morning.

Travis Perry, Washburn Review news editor, discovered it around 10 a.m. Tuesday that someone had written “LIARS” on the glass door to the office in either black paint or marker. Though there were several students in the lower level of the union at the time of discovery, none said to have any knowledge of when the act was committed or who was responsible.

“Quite frankly, I don’t understand the motivation,” said ReAnne Utemark, editor-in-chief of the Washburn Review. “If anyone has an issue with the Review, we would be more than happy to speak with them about it. I think the action was petty, and that it speaks poorly of the character of whoever committed the act.”

Also, Shawn Geil, senior administrator in Information and Systems Services, notified Regina Cassell, student publications faculty advisor Tuesday morning that newspapers in Stoffer Science Hall had been torn in half and left in bins. The most recent issues of the Review were also stolen from bins in Morgan Hall, the Memorial Union, and Carnegie Hall.

The Washburn University Police Department have been contacted, and a full report was made. Anyone with information pertaining to who is responsible for the vandalism should contact WUPD at (785) 670-1153.