Swing away your summer blues

Paige Lockard

Summer plans vary between persons, but many people are either at a camp, on vacation or doing something else exciting away from home.

For those who aren’t so fortunate, the next best alternative is to head out to the Sports Center Golf Complex.

This family-friendly park is located a half mile west of Wanamaker on 10th St. and includes several activities to fill up the hours. The four main events where one can spend a little money for a big time are the driving range, three mini golf courses, go-karts and batting cages.

Also available to the public is a game room with a number of games and prizes to be won. In fact, the Sports Center can be a great place for a birthday party, as well. Behind the game room is a room reserved just for parties, and all parties can be called ahead and planned to the customer’s specifications.

Sharyl Swanson, owner of Sports Center, said she has enjoyed spending fifteen years there. She enjoys the mini golf the most out of all the activities offered, but says that each sport is highly popular at different times of the year.

“During baseball season, the batting cages are always busy,” said Swanson. “But each activity is like that because each is extra busy at some point during the year. The driving range is almost always busy.”

Through all of her experiences there, Swanson still says that the greatest joy in working at Sports Center is found in her employees.

Those who work at Sports Center are busy either working the cash register, hosting a party, running the go-karts, selling items at the Golf Pro Shop or just making sure that every customer is having a blast and completely satisfied while there.

Sports Center also offers youth golf camps every summer and also group lessons and clinics.

“Coming here is a good alternative to seeing a movie because you’re outside where it’s healthy,” said Swanson. “Sports Center is great for all ages.”