DO NOT PUBLISH; Shelby Travels All Summer

ShelEdwardsSpecial to the Washburn Review

The summer of 2019 was anything but boring for Shelby Edwards. She started off her summer traveling to New Orleans with a group of friends for a week. Each night on Bourbon Street was a mind-opening experience as she watched strangers be unapologetically  themselves.

Upon her return, she spent her days at the pool or in the gym and her evenings serving the hungry people of Topeka at Texas Roadhouse. In July, Shelby spent two weeks navigating the sleepless cities of Florida and the hidden waterfalls of Ocho Rios, Jamaica with a group of adventure-seeking ladies.

“Spending time away from my everyday surroundings helped me develop a deeper love for cultural differences. Not only did I gain memories this summer, I gained experience.” said Shelby.

Although Kansas wasn’t her favorite place to be, Shelby spent the remainder of her summer going to local concerts and spending quality time with her favorite people.