Warner Bros. taking gruff from ‘Harry Potter’ fans

Warner Bros. taking gruff from Harry Potter fans

It is probably no surprise to anyone at this point, but Warner Brothers Studio announced that the release of the heavily awaited sixth Harry Potter movie, “Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince,” is going to be pushed back.

The movie, originally planned for November of this year, will be hitting theaters next summer in July, tacking on around another eight month chunk of waiting for all those Potter fans out there. Why the lengthy delay? Here are two very probable answers.

One, the lack of scripts for other summer movies because of the effects of the writers’ strike this year that has deeply impacted most every form of viewable entertainment in America and, two, Warner Brothers really likes the prospect of the increased gross of the movie that is likely to occur in the summer, when more families go to movies.

But try not to worry moviegoers, because the movie is finished at least, and production of the two movie seventh and final installment is already well planned and still on schedule. Still, some say that the only good part to this story is the drastically reduced time in between the next two Potter movies.