Chez Yasu offers tasty food at a price

Deana Smith

It isn’t every day that I spend $80 on a dinner for two that is worth every penny, but I did last Wednesday.

Where did I get this worthwhile meal, you ask? It’s called Chez Yasu, and it is a small French restaurant just a few blocks away from Washburn, sandwiched discreetly between a Dairy Queen and a sporting goods store. The building may be small, but the food is outrageously good. I ordered the special-steak with a crab cake. The meal also came with a salad, potatoes and green beans on this particular night.

But I probably could have just skipped all the details and moved on to the part where I cut my steak with my fork. Yes, I said fork.

This had to be the best steak I have eaten in a very long while, and definitely a cut above most of the corporate steak house chains out there. I even liked the crab cake, and I am not a seafood person, which was a pity, really, because they have a large selection of fresh seafood on the menu.

And if the food wasn’t enough to sell you, the service is friendly, knowledgeable and just plain impressive, and this is coming from a server with seven years of practice. I really felt like I could ask my server any question and she would know the answer. It was a wee bit expensive, but as I said before, very much worth it. I would like to add that in the spirit of getting the full experience of this restaurant for the best review, my dinner was all-inclusive, and included wine, entrĂ©e, after-dinner cappuccino and dessert for two.

I would encourage everyone to visit the place that my wonderful server told me that the Washburn faculty has been indulging in for some time, Chez Yasu.