Washburn University reports fall 2008 enrollment figures

Washburn Press Release

Fall enrollment at Washburn University totals 6,545 students enrolled in 73,201 credit hours. Both student headcount enrollment and credit hours are about five percent below the same time last year.

“The overall decline was not totally unexpected by late summer,” Washburn President Dr. Jerry B. Farley, reported. “While the number of new students was increasing, it was more than offset by the graduation of the record entering classes from years earlier.

“Full time enrollment continues to be near record levels at 4,412, which is the sixth highest in the University’s history,” he continued. “And, in a development which bodes well for the future, first time freshman enrollment is up about 5 percent.

“The University is aggressively pursuing strategies and implementing procedures which will assist getting information in the hands of potential students who would benefit from a Washburn education,” he concluded.