Swiss restaurant serves breast milk for breakfast

Josh Rouse

After reading about this on the Internet, I have decided I will no longer get Swiss cheese on my Chicken Caesar Wrap when I head to Chartwells for dinner.

A restaurant owner in Switzerland is planning to offer soups, stews and sauces containing at least 75% breast milk. Now, I’m a fan of breasts, and I think breastfeeding is a beautiful part of raising a child… but I think when that kid reaches oh, let’s say 35 years old, it may be time to put a bra on.

The owner has already taken out ads to find breast milk donors, and will pay more than five dollars for a pint of it. Now, there may be benefits to the addition of breast milk to your diet-heck, it may even be better than cow milk-but I don’t think it’s necessarily going to become a new social trend.

Breast milk is a sacred thing in our culture. It is for the baby, not for diners. How many Swiss babies are going to starve because their mothers are pumping for customers? I don’t especially like to classify mothers and cows in the same category, but that’s essentially what is being done.

So what’s the verdict? Will customers mind digesting something that comes out of another person’s body? Considering it’s Switzerland, maybe not.

All I can say on the subject is that the Swiss don’t always come up with the best ideas (Big Bang Machine), and this may very well be another case of it. However, that’s just one man’s opinion… I want to know what other people think of this.

Send your opinions to [email protected] or leave a comment on the Web site at and we will do some research of our own. We will post the findings, as well as your opinions, in a future issue. I think it will be interesting to see how different people respond.