Force unleashed in preview of new game

Deana Smith

No one can deny the fun of past Star Wars games… at least anyone I know, but it can be said that after seeing the prequels to the original movies one becomes a bit jealous. The Jedi masters in the movies use the force like it was going out of style. So when I heard about the new game, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, I was more than a bit excited. So, for totally scientific reasons of course, I found the demo, for the good of gamers everywhere. And, except for really minor things, all I really have to say is: goodness, oh my goodness, the force is sweet to me.

But I should explain, and remember, this is just the demo. I got to throw clones, boxes and even Tai-Fighters across rooms… yes, Tai-Fighters. At one point I got to stop a moving fighter and hurl it across a very large room, where it made a very pleasing explosion. Eventually, you get the ability to charge your force. This was really sweet, causing enough power to break the windows out of an entire room if you do it right.

And if that wasn’t enough, I also found out I could bend the heavy looking metal beams that are placed conveniently around. The down sides are small and I am mostly okay with them. One is, from what I can see, there is no good side option to this game. You play the super-secret apprentice of the Vader himself, but even this has a bright side. Sometimes evil is just plain fun. My other complaint? I didn’t get to use Vader’s uber-cool neck grip in the demo. I guess some good things you just have to wait for.