‘Remember December’ album relays messages of love and loss

Deana Smith

Sometimes you just need songs that remind you of your past and make you smile.

These are the type of songs I found in the “Remember December” EP, the new CD from local artist Tyler Jenkins. The songs on the album, with their catchy lyrics and soothing melodies, make for a great listen. I found myself touched by the lyrics, which are obviously heartfelt by the artist.

And even though some listeners may think the subject of these songs is too personalized to touch anyone else, these songs focus on themes that everyone can relate to, even though they are the author’s stories of love, heartbreak and loss. When put with a skillful guitar and a beautiful voice, you have a trio that is going somewhere.

So, if you like a well-played guitar and the lyrics to match, I would recommend Tyler Jenkins’s debut EP, “Remember December.” To learn more about this Lawrence-based, one-man show, look him up at www.purevolume.com/tylerjenkins.