DO NOT PUBLISH- Adventures await

Lexi Chicalas

It’s that time of year again. Summer is over and school is here. Students are preparing for classes as they reminisce over their freedom. We caught up with some of our students to learn what they have been up to and what they will miss about summer.

Lexi Chicalas spent her summer creating unforgettable moments. She spent her days soaking up the sun, working on her tan, and her nights with friends doing whatever came to mind. She has always loved adventure and nothing is better than spontaneous trips.

Chicalas decided that staying in Kansas was not how she wanted to spend her summer. So she gathered a couple of friends and they decided to travel. They had spent countless hours in the car and on planes reaching their destinations.

Arizona was her first destination. It was nothing like Kansas and she loved it. She loved how the air was always cool and the sun was always shining.

“ My favorite thing about Arizona is how beautiful it is. Every morning you wake up and the first thing you see are the mountains. Definitely nothing like Kansas”, said Chicalas.

Arizona was not her only destination that summer. The next stop on her adventure was the California. She craved the sound of the ocean and the feeling of the sand. More hours were spent in the car but she didn’t mind. She loved looking out the windows at the views that were nothing like Kansas.

When the fun and adventures came to an end she started her journey home. Coming back was not as fun as leaving but she knows that many more adventures will be waiting for her.