CAB more focused on entertainment after camp

Deana Smith

Activity, a word that one would normally associate with an exercise or an incredibly mundane workbook task, is leading another life.

At Washburn the term “activity” is a code word for entertainment. The undercover base for these operations, The Campus Activities Board, otherwise referred to as CAB.

Billie Jean Bergmann, executive director of CAB, said that the group attended a summer camp sponsored by the National Association for Campus Activities (NACA), where they attended learning seminars and networked with agents, as well as reviewed artists and performers in order to plan the best events for Washburn.

“Our [CAB’s] sole purpose is to provide social opportunities for students from outside of the University,” said Bergmann.

And what are some of these scheduled activities? They include such activities as the regularly scheduled “Tunes @ Noon”, where various bands and artists perform in the Memorial Union at noon. Washburn be in the presence of some real life cast members, when Rock the Vote comes to campus September 9.

“Tunes @ Noon” that takes place earlier that day, and will feature “Nashville Star” Clay Cumbie. Students may also drop in for CAB’s open house after all the rocking and voting preparation.

Another do not miss event occurs September 22 when magician Nate Staniforth will be here, dazzling us with his bag of tricks. The show begins at 7 p.m. in the Washburn Room.

These few events mentioned are just the tip of the CAB iceberg. Be it information or entertainment, music or bowling, this calendar of events is sure to have at least one spot of interest for the typical Washburn student.

“One of our (CAB’s) overall goals is to increase student attendance and provide quality programs,” said Bergmann.