Web site offers hair advice, donations

Nicole Stormann

In my handful or so of weeks here at Washburn, I’ve learned how important it is to know what the weather is like before leaving the house to have a good hair day. In the 10-minute walk from the car, the seven-minute walk to Henderson, the six-minute walk to Stoffer Science Hall and then back again, I’ve realized that there is plenty of time to ruin the hairdo I just spent 20 minutes on. I also know that you’ve been asking yourself, “How can I combine my desire for a good hair day while still contributing to a unique philanthropy?”

Okay, maybe not. But even if you’ve never wondered this, HairForecast.com has the answer that could not only solve your weather woes, but also help dig wells in Africa.

Jeremy Walworth founded HairForecast.com while majoring in meteorology in college. His girlfriend, who later became his wife, had naturally curly hair and would ask him what the weather would be like to know if she should straighten her hair or not.

“It occurred to me that many women would probably like to have the luxury of a weather geek to interpret the weather in terms of their hair.”

Thus, HairForecast.com was made. But the question still remains: Why dig wells in Africa?

“Because I think HairForecast.com can do much more than just help people with their hair,” said Walworth.

HairForecast.com has teamed up with an organization called “Blood: Water Mission” for the “1,000 Wells Project”. Their aim is to provide clean drinking water in Africa by digging wells. For every visitor that checks the hair forecast on HairForecast.com, Walworth donates enough to the “1,000 Wells Project” to provide an African with one day’s worth of clean water. The kicker? Because HairForecast.com is not yet profitable, the initial donations are coming straight out of Walworth’s pocket.

Since 2004, Blood: Water Mission – with the help of HairForecast.com – has funded 340 clean water solutions in 11 countries, delivering clean water to more than 276,000 people in Africa. They are expected to fund another 333 projects in 2008, as well. Visit HairForecast.com to get your hair forecast and provide water for someone in need.