The Week In Geek

Deana Smith

You would never guess how many events worthy of notice happen each week, either for their ability to make you happy or for their amount of fail. But I have scoured the intranet, gleaned the best and the worst tidbits, and present them here for your approval.

Capcom Wins!

That’s right, Capcom Games has announced they aren’t going to go their normal route of making their popular games exclusive to one platform, but instead are going to offer it to Xbox 360, PS3 and computer format. Let us all rejoice with the coming of Resident Evil: 5 and Street Fighter IV.

Capcom… Loses

And in the same turn, I am going to shake my finger at Capcom, which is in the process of making the second live-action Street Fighter movie. This movie has a lot of big names, such as Kristen Kruek, Michael Clark Duncan and Robin Shou, who played Liu Kang in the Mortal Combat Live Actions. But I assure you, not one of these people is playing the role of Ryu or Ken, because THEY are not in the movie. And now I ask you: How in the heck do you make a good Street Fighter movie without these staple characters? I’m not sure it is going to happen. Sorry, Capcom, you should have learned.

Bioshock for PS3

Yes, come October, no PS3 owner has to go without the awesomeness which is Bioshock. The download is said to take about 10 minutes to complete, but it’s so worth it (as I am sure any Xbox 360 owner will likely tell you). You can always get supplies while you wait… you may not be going anywhere for a while.

Does it really surprise you?

Then, to no one’s astonishment, here is where I tell you that the new Harry Potter video game is going to be held back with the movie. Don’t worry, I am sure you probably weren’t going to play it anyway.

Let us end on a good note

All you guitar heroes out there can smile now that Guitar Hero World Tour has announced some info on new songs coming to the playlist, which includes titles from Rise Against, NOFX, Filter and Dream Theater, among others. That isn’t enough? If you have a “rock band” and happen to be in California, I hear that they are starting a reality show. No, really.