DNP – WSGA allocation committee meets

Eriko Hiranoi

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On Sept. 4 a Washburn Student Government Association meeting was held. The WSGA senators reported weekly announcements and held an allocation committee to discuss funding the Washburn Young Life retreat.

[Also on Sept. 4, Washburn University held the BOWTIE Fair that is an opportunity for students to know about organizations, majors, associations and study abroad opportunities.

The chief staff Surritt reported about the bow tie fair “We’re able to bunch of people interested including transfer students, international students, and even first-year student as well. So that’s really great work there.”] Unnecessary/unrelated information

President Michael Guerrero began with his report.

“I want to touch on today is Jason Haberkorn was interested in the legislative director position. And as right now, he would still need to be approved by the senate. So next week, we’ll have a bill out for him,” Guerrero said.

After the reports, senators moved to the allocation committee.

The representative from Washburn Young Life presented their case to the committee.

“We’re waiting for the best that we’re having for the trip. We’re also a fundraiser for the shirt as well.” Who said this?

Administrative Assistant & Technology Director Jim Henry asked for details about the trip, which were then provided.

“First is transformation. Second is friendship, and the third is having student retention. So, first, every transformation is to have the opportunity to get nature from the technology also getting those that are challenged to be invited to go out and experience with other students, and fun. Second is a friendship that is being involved with other people from the other campus. The third is having student retention. So, when they come back, they’re going to be excited, tell others, and try to connect other. “ Name

WSGA senators decided favorable status for funding the Washburn Young Life retreat.

Edits by Shelby Hanson