Race for Cure set for Oct. 4

Liz Bernhart

“Don’t let cancer steal second base” is just one of the many puns Women’s Legal Forum came up with for T-shirt ideas for the annual ‘Race for the Cure’ run that is coming up in October. The slogans are a way to address a very serious matter; breast cancer, a disease that affects thousands of women the world over.

According to the Center for Disease Control Web site www.cdc.com, in any given year more than 150,000 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Of those diagnosed, over 40,000 will die. Breast cancer is the second deadliest cancer for women, just after lung cancer. Every year, advances are made in medical research that will hopefully lead to an eventual cure. Finding a cure that would positively affect women from all walks of life takes funding. Even a poor college student can help out.

Women’s Legal Forum comprises law students, both men and women, at Washburn University School of Law. The group focuses on women and issues in the law. The members also branch out and address issues pertaining to women outside of the law. Breast cancer research is one of their prerogatives.

“Breast cancer research has always been our philanthropy,” said Alice Hughes, WLF secretary. “It is a great cause that could affect all of us.”

One of the ways WLF aids the process of finding an eventual cure is through supporting and participating in “Race for the Cure.” October is breast cancer awareness month and Topeka will be hosting its own “Race for the Cure” on Oct. 4.

“Race for the Cure is a five-kilometer walk/run that is held here in in Topeka,” said Hughes. “It is run through the neighborhood surrounding Washburn University. It starts at the law school and continues west. There are prizes given out to the winners.”

On the day of the race, WLF members will be only one of several groups and individuals volunteering to assist the runners in the race.

“We hand out packages, keep time and even make sure the course is properly marked,” said Hughes. “We basically help in any way we can.”

To participate in the Race for the Cure five-kilometer walk/run, an athlete must submit his or her name and the registration price. The money, along with the proceeds collected from local merchants, will be donated to breast cancer research and education. It starts at 9 a.m. on Saturday, Oct 4.

For more information about how to get involved, please call (785) 271-1500.