Jennies hold Blues scoreless

Sheldon Warmington

The Lady Blues soccer team lost their home opener against the No. 9-ranked University of Central Missouri?Jennies in what at first seemed to be no contest for the Jennies. The ?Lady Blues ended the first half on sluggish note and subsequently they went down 1-0 by a strike from Melanie Hall.

At the beginning of the second half it was clear that the Lady?Blues had somehow found their resolve, and came out more aggressive and focused than they did in the first quarter. UCM simply looked more physically commanding at times than their Lady Blue opponents.

The second half?also saw one yellow card being issued on Central Missouri.

Freshman Lauren Henry, from Randolph, Kan., came into her own with her right arm cast and all, wowing the not too impressive crowd. She provided a burst of energy that quickly caught on and sparked the Lady Blues attack. The spark saw several shots and near misses from corner kicks.

“After tonight’s ?game I know what we can do, all we need to do going into next game is ?to start the game as strong as we played in the second half,” said Henry.

Henry said she is confident in teammates Kaydi Hooker and Jessica Mainz and hails their “never give up attitude” in the second half. The game also saw solid performances by Angela Wiseman and Markie Gallagher, who anchored the midfield and provided quality passes?to aid in the Lady Blues campaign.

Coach Collins said after the game that the team’s primary focus going into these next practice sessions will be playing to each other’s strengths and to get them to where they can put two halves together.

“I was impressive by the team overall effort especially in the ?second half” Collins said.

Washburn will face Truman at 7 p.m. on?Sept. 18 at Yager Stadium.