‘Bodway’ coming to campus

James Ahrens

Homecoming week is a busy time on Washburn campus, and this year’s homecoming is a perfect example.

The offices and workrooms in the lower level of the Memorial Union are buzzing with activity as students work feverishly to complete the necessary planning for a major campus event.

The student Activities and Greek Life office does much of the planning. Student organizations across campus are encouraged to participate in the planned activities with this year’s theme in mind, “Give My Regards to Bodway.”

In the Washburn Student Government Association office, two students work at a relaxed pace to complete a model for what is turning into a representation of a top hat. Erica Koepsel played with clay to model a top hat.

“I’ve had a lot of fun planning and learning about all the Broadway plays,” said Koepsel, who continued by noting how each play relates to the theme of a Broadway production.

Kylie Gilstrap is also involved in the Homecoming Top Hat Decoration contest. Koepsel, public relations director, and Gilstrap, administrative assistant for WSGA, are both involved in one or more of the many activities that make up the Homecoming festivities.

Amy Billinger, vice president of WSGA, is the chair of the Homecoming Committee. As a senior, she has experience with the campus and its students, and said she knows first hand how stressful an event like this can be. She said she is happy that she has the assistance of her peers in WSGA. Billinger said she is working hard to make the week as fun for students as possible. She is also involved in welcoming Washburn alumni, many of whom come to see the progress the university has made.

Billinger said the key to success on an event such as this is to start as early as possible to make transitions smooth and accommodating.

“It helps that I’ve gotten started on [the events for Homecoming week] fairly early,” said Billinger. “I want to reiterate that homecoming could not be done without the help of a lot of people. The members of the homecoming committee have been a huge help, as CAB and WSGA senators have been. One person could definitely not do it all.”

Homecoming week gives students from all areas of the campus, as well as faculty and alumni, the ability to see improvements on campus, meet new friends or catch up with old ones, and it offers the spectacle of performance and fun.

Events include a top hat decorating contest, Greek house and dormitory decoration, student organization and freelance banner competition, the Yell Like Hell pep rally, a float decorating competition and parade, and it will peak Oct. 11 with the crowning of Homecoming King and Queen during the Homecoming football game against Emporia. For more information about homecoming and a schedule of, see www.mywsga.com.