WEEK IN GEEK: Playing out the end of the world

Deana Smith

It’s the end of the world, geek style. So stock up on your caffeinated beverages and microwavable dinners, and hunker down for the apocalypse… or at least a night full of video games.

We can make black holes?

Tests started in earnest last month at the largest particle accelerator, located between, and far beneath, the borders of Switzerland and France. This 16-mile-long atom smasher is supposed to give us a look into what the big bang would have been like. Um, cool! Oh, except for the slim, but possible, side effects. These include – or are speculated to include – turning the Earth into a quasar (a big light emitting power source) and ripping the fabric of the space time continuum. (I am not kidding! We are talking possible invasion of 30-foot monsters for all we know). What do scientists wielding the experiment say? That it is likely to produce millions of tiny black holes with only a 0.00005 percent chance of any of them actually destroying our nice blue-and-green planet. It may look something like this: youtube.com/watch?v=BXzugu39pKM, but probably not.

On the bright side, at least we won’t go out bombing one another.

But if we did, what would that unfold like? Don’t worry, I have this covered too. I searched the Internet for the most amusing end-of-the-world scenario I could find. It is a bit old, but still just as funny: endofworld.net.

Play the apocalypse

I am leaning toward Fallout: 3. I hear good things.