DO NOT PUBLISH: WU students reflect on summer

Kendra Wicks

Summer 2019 brought a variety of activities and experiences for local Washburn University students. As they gear up for the school year, they are reflecting on the memories made during the warmer months.

This summer, Kendra Wicks worked an internship with Freddy’s Frozen Custard. She gained new skills and confidence in her professional work. Wicks traveled to Arkansas and Missouri, became an official bridesmaid in her best friend’s wedding, bought a new camera, took tennis photos, ran a photography Instagram and made a lot of new friends. 

“I learned a lot about myself this summer,” Wicks said. “I have faced many challenges on my own and expanded my horizons in my career and my personal hobbies. I am really proud of the progress I’ve made in my relationships with others.” 

Wicks traveled to Branson, Missouri to end the summer with her mother. The pair visited museums, watched movies and played pickleball. Wicks said she is grateful for the experience and the time “to spend with my family before school.”

If there is one way this summer has prepared her for the upcoming school year, Wicks says it’s the mental growth she experienced.

“This summer changed my views on so many things in life,” Wicks said. “While it hasn’t been an easy journey, it’s one I am grateful to have experienced. I am ready to face senior year with confidence.”