Eagles concert rocks K.C.

ReAnne Utemark

My childhood soundtrack was filled with Eric Clapton, Three Dog Night, Bon Jovi and the Eagles. My parents, the aging rockers of the 70s and 80s, passed their musical taste on to me. Last Sunday, I had the opportunity to see the Eagles in concert. It was an early Christmas present for my mom and I was excited.

I mostly expected to see a bunch of old guys playing to a drunken middle-aged crowd. The latter was true. The woman sitting next to us was screaming at the top of her lungs in the nosebleeds. I tried to tell her that Glenn Frey couldn’t hear her, but she did not seem to care with her $7 plastic bottle of beer.

The Eagles were a little grayer and a little more wrinkled than my mom remembered, but since I’ve only been around and aware of the awesomeness that is the Eagles since a few years after the “Hell Freezes Over” album, I’ve always known them as older.

Since they are in their 60’s, I didn’t expect them to be able to move really fast or really get into the guitar riffs of their early albums – especially when they first opened with some of the slower songs from their latest album, “Long Road Out of Eden,” and Frey welcomed us to the “Eagles Assisted Living Tour.” I was happily proven wrong. After those first two songs, they played Hotel California, and it sounded as good as it did on the “Hotel California” album. I am not sure how Joe Walsh did it, but that 61-year-old man is still an insanely awesome guitarist and the rest of the band tirelessly kept up.

Their vocals still sounded the same – smooth and harmonized. They had energy and played for over two and a half hours.

I hope I have that much energy when I am 60 years old.

The cross-section of humanity that came together was interesting. Young and old people, people who paid $1,000 for a seat and those of us up in the nosebleeds. There were grizzled older men and high school kids with lighters. All of these people knew every last word to “Desperado,” “Take it Easy,” and the rest of the songs in the set.

It was a fantastic experience. I paid too much for a concert T-shirt and I got to see one of the best rock bands of all time. It makes me wonder what my kids are going to take me to. Will Rhianna beat Tina Turner, who is still performing at nearly 70 or will Britney Spears be the next Cher, who is still performing at 62? Probably not. Until then, I will bask in the glory of all things not digitally enhanced.