Red’s ‘End of Silence’ awes fans

Andrew Dunlap

Be prepared to be captivated by the intense melodic vocals, solid rock guitars and drums mixed with ambient tracks and strings that make up Red’s 2007 album “End of Silence.” People who are fans of bands like Evanescence, Linkin Park and Trapt will find this band has a pleasant mix of these styles.

“End of Silence” goes beyond the average rock album’s expectations. You will hear beautifully mastered tracks with solid melodies, that are anything but simple and the album hooks you in with catchy choruses, such as in “Breath Into Me.” The song “Pieces” takes a more elemental route that is not as in-your-face and heavy as the majority of their tracks, but is just as intense. This five-minute-and-58 second song will blow you away. It has an amazing progression and build that leaves a listener in awe. Red received a Grammy nomination for best album in 2007, and as of July of 2008, the bands music video for “Already Over” was the most streamed music video on

They released a new track titled “Fight Inside” on Nov. 5th that can be heard on their Web site,