VIDEO: Nashville star Conner fills Washburn Room

Andrew Roland

Students crowded into the Washburn Room Thursday evening for a chance to catch a glimpse of Megan Conner’s tattoo. Conner, who placed fourth in “The Next GAC Star” reality show, performed several of her original songs, including “My Tattoo.”

Travis Marvin, a Washburn graduate from Ottawa, opened Conner’s performance with a rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Folsom Prison Blues.” Conner followed suit with her opening song, “No Road Map,” a song about rebellion from a middle-of-the-road upbringing.

Her message throughout much of her music emphasizes the need to take risks-indeed, her MySpace page proclaims, “If you don’t jump, you’ll never fly.”

Conner’s maxim seems to spring from her unique ascent into the Nashville nightlife. “I went from [majoring in] theater in Texas to fitness in New York City, to Nashville music. It’s exciting.” Although her life has slowed considerably from the intensity of the television show, she has enjoyed the benefits of being a GAC star: “I gained new fans and got a lot of exposure.”

Conner continued her energetic performance with her new single, “Little Redneck Riding Hood,” a distinctly southern twist on the children’s story. Says Conner, “I cannot play a show without it.”

With more than 100 students in the audience, Conner attracted a fairly large audience on campus.

“Most of the time, from noon on, you can find live music anywhere in Nashville.”

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