Online magazine starts buzz in Topeka

Deana Smith

The opinions Topeka residents and Washburn University students have about their town have been around for some time. And what do they often say? “There is nothing to do in Topeka,” and “This town is boring – nothing ever happens.” These statements are often made when referring to the entertainment prospects of our fine town, such as local music, shopping and what to do on a night out. This conundrum poses a valuable question: Can something be done to inspire the uninspired – can the Topeka news be made more appealing?

The anonymous editor of the new online magazine,, is trying to help others see that it can. With witty, intelligent satire and a good sense of entertainment, jewel-in-the-rough is trying to make its name in alternative publications. It offers many of the same current events that standard publications dish out, but bolsters them with a humorous flair. This is not easy to do without breaking a few eggs, so to speak, but the online editor and publisher of the site set a goal for the publication.

“[Our goal is] to come up with satire about current events that is fair and not purposely hurtful to Topeka or anyone else,” he said.

In addition to satire, the site promotes everything Topekan. Anything that affects the capital of Kansas is fair game, but don’t expect to get information about something that is big news elsewhere. The Web site only advertises local businesses which reinforces its strong community message. The editor said he hopes to expand the site to include many types of online networking, to expand on the current radio feed and to include a monthly hard copy publication.

Regarding this big undertaking, the editor said, “Like our motto says, is on top of Topeka’s underground. Topeka has always been the red-headed step child of the Northeast Kansas-KCMO area, and we aim to shoot that stereotype down. From our sponsorship of the Capital City Crushers, Topeka’s all-girl Roller Derby team, to our standing policy to play any music produced by Topekans, everything we do to support Topeka at is one more step on the road that will lead to Topeka getting the recognition it deserves. The path might not be paved with gold, but the journey itself is the reward.”

His sentiment is reflected in the Web page’s mission statement: “To inform, entertain and work with the Topeka community through journalism, original programming, and involvement on the event-level in the community [with] emphasis towards interactivity and social networking features online.” also has a really good understanding of the music scene that exists in Topeka.