Bookstore offers gear trade-in

Jennifer Loucks

The Washburn University Bookstore is allowing students to trade out the old for the new.

Following the settlement of the copyright lawsuit between Washburn and the University of Wisconsin, Kay Farley, bookstore director, began brainstorming ways to introduce the newly branded WU merchandise to students.

“The new logo came out so suddenly that we had to find a way to get it out to the students,” said Farley.

Farley and a colleague created the idea of a trade-in program, where people could take Washburn merchandise branded with the old “W” and exchange it for new merchandise. The program kicked off last Monday.

“Students can bring in any WU T-shirt and pay $5, plus tax, then leave with a new shirt, which has a regular retail value of $9.99,” said Farley.

Old merchandise won’t simply be tossed aside and forgotten, though.

“We contacted Barry at the Topeka Rescue Mission to ask him if they would like the old shirts to be donated,” said Farley. “He was honored and elated that we thought to call him. There is no limit; everything will go to them.” The Topeka Rescue Mission set up a box in the bookstore.

“I’m always up for a new T-shirt, and I knew my old one was going somewhere where someone who needed would get it,” said Hilary Larson, freshman, about the trade-in program.

Since the program began, though, Farley said only a few students have taken advantage of the offer. Because of the low number of exchanges, the Washburn Bookstore has decided to extend the event through this week.