Restaurant review: Cryster’s offers unique Asian experience for decent price

Deana Smith

As a college student, one is always looking for a quick, tasty and reasonably priced meal.

The sad thing is that most college students also often settle with what is close and just OK. I took a venture out to Hunter’s Ridge just a few minutes down North 75 Highway.

This is where I found Cryster’s Asian Diner. This inviting eatery offers several styles of Asian cooking, such as Chinese and Japanese, to name a few. They also have a wide selection of drinks, including some Asian sodas, smoothies, espresso and ordinary fountain sodas.

The selection on the menu is great, offering affordable lunch specials complete with rice and choice of either a crab rangoon or eggroll. This out-of-the-way restaurant also serves something that is difficult to serve properly in the Midwest-sushi.

The sushi bar is stocked with all the basics you would expect one to have. It is also made well and tastes even better. And if all this good food and variety of choices hasn’t sold you, the view will.

Looking out of the window of Cryster’s Asian diner reveals a calming look into the unpopulated hills that surround Hunter’s Ridge. So if you are knee-deep in finals and need a break, I would say taking a short retreat for lunch just might be the right thing to do.