iRead event is good for WU

At 7 p.m. on Nov. 20, best-selling author Greg Mortenson will speak in White Concert Hall. The Washburn Review editorial board is excited about this opportunity because not only does it expose mostly Midwestern students to the larger world, but it also promotes Washburn.

Washburn’s student body is mostly made up of Midwestern students, many of whom have not traveled much, nor have they seen the rest of the world, except through the eyes of major news corporations or politicians. Particularly in the case of the middle east, it is important to learn about these places from those who have been there and who are not necessarily trying to get a vote.

Mortenson presents a personal, individual account of the rural Pakistan area that will be beneficial for students and the community to hear and understand.

Another benefit to Mortenson’s visit is the benefits it can bring to Washburn. For decades, Washburn students have flocked to Kansas University and Kansas State University for cultural events like speakers and music. They bemoaned Washburn as “boring.” Most students claimed that Washburn never had any “big names” come to campus. Washburn Student Government Association administrations and the University have attempted to change this phenomenon.

It is important for Washburn students to support these efforts. Students should read the iRead book and attend the lecture series. It is good for you.

Students from other universities and the community will be coming to Washburn for a change for a big event with a major speaker. We hope you’re there, too.