Relieve finals stress with five easy steps

Deana Smith

Caffeine, studying, long nights accompanied by improper eating and stress. This is the reality for many students as they approach finals week. The real deal is that this is the time when you should be taking care of yourself the most. Stress in small amounts is OK, but too much can be unhealthy; just ask all the students who will inevitably be mysteriously sick after the “crunch” is completed. And while the warnings against stress will be center stage, here are a few things that might make your studying go a little more peaceful.

Eat Well! Yes, with all the studying, you may end up grabbing for easy, but very unhealthy foods, or no food at all. It is not wise to do this to your body, which will already be taxed to the max.

Take Breaks: Take a break whenever you feel like your head will explode. Take a rest, look out a window, or go do that eating thing mentioned earlier.

No Procrastination: The more you put off projects, homework and test preparations, the more your stress levels will rise. Make a schedule; stick to it. Try to study you harder subjects first, when your mind is fresh.

Sleep! Though you feel like the 60 things you must accomplish this week can’t wait for you to get some rest, you should still make sleep a priority. Anyone who has ever stayed up all night will tell you: your brain does not function very well when it is fatigued. Caffeine, or any other stimulant you may take will not make up for a lack of sleep.

Pamper Yourself: Take an extra shower or bath, get your nails done or do whatever it is you consider a guilty pleasure. If there was ever a time to make an exception for splurging, it is finals week.