The Cab performs in Kansas City, blossoms into big headliner

Nicole Stormann

The Cab is the guilty pleasure you’ll actually want to tell people about. Their unique blend of piano-driven melodies and layered harmonies create a complex sound that is both energetic and startlingly mature. Think boy-band beats, Maroon 5’s edge and the vocals of Justin Timberlake rolled up into one, and voila: you have The Cab.

It feels like I’m back in the third grade listening to N’Sync for the first time, and I simply can’t help myself from falling head first into this masterpiece of pop-rock perfection. The best way I can describe my excitement about this band is to say that The Cab is the coveted needle in the haystack, a needle that is only found after eons of picking through worthless hay. Think about it: the Internet is flooded with thousands upon thousands of look-a-like bands with nauseatingly similar sounds and lyrics. They all attempt to grasp a style The Cab has mastered, yet they are failing miserably. So what does The Cab have that other bands don’t?

Besides being infectiously catchy, their lyrics contain depth, irony and a poetic air that could make any hopeless romantic swoon, eg. “When we’re this young, we have nothing to lose, just a clock to beat and a hand to choose.”

From “Vegas Skies.”

Originating from Las Vegas, Nev., The Cab signed to Fueled By Ramen Records/Decaydance Records after Spencer Smith, drummer from Panic at the Disco, listened to their demo. Their debut album, “Whisper War,” was released in April and since then the band was named “The Band You Need To Know 2008” by Alternative Press magazine.

So close the door, get out your hairbrush microphone and give into your temptation to dance as you let The Cab’s contagious melodies wash over you like a breath of fresh air.