Week in Geek: Cowboy Bebop, Spiderman 4, Advent Children

Deana Smith

While you were out

A month is a long time to be out of commission, and whether you are excited or depressed that college is back in session, I am here to deliver the things you may have missed… why you were sleeping in, zoning out, or laying back.

Console Gaming

Some sneak peeks and Trailers have become available over the break. We just love to torture ourselves with things that may or may not be out this coming year. Some promising titles include: Halo Wars, Skate 2, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War Two, FUEL, and (the highly awaited) Advent Children (With a special edition PS3 and FFXIII sneak preview only available in Japan…bummer!) Other eye candy such as Final fantasy XIII won’t be slated for play until 2011.

MMO hopefuls

Last year pitted the king of online gaming, World of Warcraft, against many promising hopefuls but none could put much of a dent in this powerhouse and its latest expansion proves that people are still loyal. Who will be next to try to dethrone Blizzard? Two space themed MMOs Jumpgate: Evolution and Star trek online will give it a whirl. The Agency will try to win over gamers with its “Super spy team” vibe. And? Cryptic Studios will offer Champions online (Published byAtari) which is planned to be playable over desktop and console devices.Here is your chance to be the super hero you are at heart and accordingto Parizad Parav, an Online communications Rep for the game, villainsmay even be added later in production… So stay tuned!

Viewable Entertainment

The Guild, this author’s favorite “webisode” is delivering another season of its offbeat MMO based humor. This time brought to you by Sprint and available through your Xbox live subscription… for Free! Go, Go now!

If you love the Spiderman trilogy you will be happy to know that Spiderman 4 is going to happen. The catch is that the filming won’t begin till 2010 for its estimated arrival in May of 2011.

May anime lovers rejoice in knowing that Cowboy Bebop will make the big screen… well there is this one thing. The part of Spike Spiegel the young space bounty hunter will be played by Keanu Reaves. Most fans, including this one, are not impressed by the choice but Keanu is said to be a huge fan of the anime as well so maybe he will try harder… Dude!