Sex in everything from exercise to Hannah Montana

The Review's View

In several articles, there was discussion of a movement that was petitioning to have pole dancing added as an Olympic sport. Their reasons included that it took grace, fluidity and strength, just like gymnastics.

Most gymnasts don’t spend their time with lots of dollar bills.

The notion of trying to legitimize pole dancing as a legitimate form of exercise – even going so far as to say it is a sport is odd to us. Cheerleading requires strength and stamina and it is not an Olympic sport.

The pole dancing phenomenon is yet another attempt to make exercising fun for people who don’t like exercising in the first place. There are also a series of videos that involve sexy chair dances. We’re sure that these give you just as great a workout as riding your bike, going for a run or hitting the elliptical machine at the gym. For running, all you need is a good pair of shoes, for pole dancing, you need to add an awkward piece of decor.

Some studies have said that young people don’t think about sex as often as once thought. Then again, sex is still a booming business. Nothing sells beer, cars or furniture like hot women. Think about Mr. Clean, he may be bald and a cartoon, but he is muscular and he helps clean the floor.

Sex itself is not something terrible that is threatening to crumble our nation. However, the lack of knowledge about information surrounding safe sex is. The overt sexualization of almost everything, think Barbie, Bratz, the Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana, is also something to consider.

Throughout history, people have had sex. You would not be reading this if they had not. Religion does not say sex is bad, most religions just put limitations on it. Even Puritans thought that sex was great – inside the realm of marriage, of course. Pastor Ed Young challenged married couples in his congregation to have sex for seven days straight. Many couldn’t quite make it, but said it made their relationship stronger.

We decided to do another sex issue of the ARGO. It’s not quite as, uhm, stimulating as KU’s, but it is informational. Professors on campus are talking about sex, the student health office offers information and protection for free. Sex is all around. And it is central to many social issues currently facing the country.

This ARGO doesn’t have any tips or witty anecdotes, but it does point out that sex doesn’t just reside in bedrooms and dark corners of clubs, it’s everywhere.

Oh, that said, pole dancing still shouldn’t be an Olympic sport.