WSGA fills executive staff spots

Erin Wiltz

Washburn’s Student Government Association executive staff has refilled three of its seats. The WSGA staff advertised three available positions: budget director, special event director and technology director.

The interview process began after a week of advertising. There were two applicants for budget director, three for special events director and four for technology director. The interview process for each position had three interviewers including Philippi, Billinger, and the person who previously held the position.

Filling the chair of budget director is Keenan Hogan, freshman. Blake Bryant, also a freshman, was chosen to be the director of special events, and William Biles, junior, is now filling the position of technology director. Their term is up April 10th this year.

“It’s nice that there are freshmen taking up two of the spots because it’s young leadership, and William is a junior, so [he’ll] be around,” said Whitney Philippi, WSGA president.

“Keenan is impressing us, he has been getting the budget organize and making sure things run smoothly because there have been many requests over the break,” said Amy Billinger, WSGA vice president. “Special Events Director Blake Bryant brings a lot of enthusiasm organizing events and bringing new ideas.”

Biles is busy updating the Web site to make it easier for students using it as a tool for better communication with WSGA, and he is also simplifying it.

“William was really in tune to student needs and actually told us that he read the packet every week that the WSGA gives to student organization presidents, which showed us that he had the knowledge of what WSGA needed,” said Philippi.

Bryant has been busy with WSGA’s lecture series, which includes three lecturers. In the fall, WSGA had Greg Mortenson lecture on his book, “Three Cups of Tea: One Man’s Mission to Promote Peace… One School at a Time.” Ron Clark and Jackie Joyner-Kersee are the next two lecturers in the series.

“I really enjoy working with everyone so far this year and we have gotten a lot done just within a week and a half,” said Billinger.