Washburn students rock at Trap

Josh Rouse

Three rock bands with ties to Washburn performed Friday at the Boobie Trap Bar, located at 6th and Washburn.

The lineup for the concert was Vagus at 9 p.m., followed by Burn Order and Atomic Blues. Guitarist/lead singer Rick Prato (Vagus) and drummers David Liston (The Atomic Blues) and Evan Thomas (Burn Order) are all current Washburn students.

Thomas, a junior in music education, particularly wanted to do the show as a way to get the bands name out. Being a relatively new band, the experience of playing shows with other bands is a helpful way to invigorate the rock within the area.

“We’re just a couple of rock bands doin’ what we do, doin’ what we love, and trying to get the local scene kickin’,” said Thomas.

The next show at the Boobie Trap will be at 8 p.m. on Saturday, and will feature Part Deux, Adrian to the Rescue, Come Ascendancy and The Hand of Midas. Cover will be $5 ($6 for minors under 21).