VIDEO: Resolution Solution-staying on track when times get tough

Climbing the challenge Johnathon Blake tackles the climbing wall at the Student Recreation and Wellness Center, which is running the Resolution Solution program to help students and faculty reach their goals for the new year.

Nicole Stejskal

It’s that time of year again: the point when many people have given up or forgotten about their New Year’s resolutions.

Numerous people struggle with maintaining New Year’s resolutions, especially students and faculty who are busy with the start of the semester. The popular diet, exercise and weight loss resolutions are among the most difficult for people to keep. However, the Student Recreation and Wellness Center offers resources for those striving to maintain their goals.

Resolution Solution, a 12-week program offered by the SRWC, is designed to help people looking to change their lifestyle through diet and exercise. Students and faculty sign up for the program in teams of five, and participate competitively through components such as weight loss, activity and wellness events.

While losing weight and increasing physical activity are both important parts of the program, Resolution Solution is targeted at more than just achieving these goals.

“It’s about educating a person about the different health aspects [more] than just stepping on a scale and measuring weight alone,” said Becky Wilber, assistant director of the SRWC. “Just because a person has optimal body weight doesn’t necessarily mean that they’re healthy.” Throughout the 12 weeks of the program, Wilber stresses the importance of sticking to the program’s regimen and helping team members stay in check.

“It takes a person eight to 12 weeks to actually develop a new lifestyle into a habit, so we’ve targeted Resolution Solution to a 12-week program,” said Wilber.

Elisa Gayle, sophomore actuarial science major, decided to make Resolution Solution part of her new year goal. She believes New Year’s resolutions are positive goals to set for oneself.

“I think they’re a really great opportunity to just get yourself pumping into the new year and change all those bad habits you have,” said Gayle. She advises people to work on resolutions with friends to keep each other motivated.

Although many people struggle to keep resolutions, some students have set goals and maintained them for long periods of time.

“About three-and-a-half years ago, I really wanted to get into shape,” said Eric Fournier, law student. “I’ve maintained that goal ever since then, and it’s been my New Year’s resolution every year.”

No matter what a person’s New Year’s resolution may be, Wilber encourages people to develop small goals that they’re more likely to successfully achieve.

“I think the most important thing is setting smart goals, something that’s specific, measurable, achievable, realistic and timely,” said Wilber. “A successful resolution is something that a person can do with their lifestyle that they’ll see the rewards for.”

The Student Recreation and Wellness Center is hopping as the spring semester has begun. The SRWC’s Becky Wilber talks about the rec’s increasing attendance while law student Eric Fournier discusses why he comes to the SRWC.